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Calm down irritated, sensitive skin and enjoy the anti-aging properties of From Ganghwa Pure Artemisia Two Layering Cream, a light-weight, highly moisturizing, two-in-one cream containing both a gel-type moisturizer for day-time use and a nutrient-rich night cream. Our product contains 100% EWG-tested pure artemisia extract, a healing herb that is gaining popularity for its many beneficial effects.

This cream is known to:

1. Soothes and calms down sensitive, acne-prone skin or rosacea
2. Refines congested, bumpy skin and promotes smoother-looking skin
3. Anti-aging, collagen stimulating ingredient for wrinkle-care and fine lines

This multi-functional cream can be layered to deeply hydrate dry skin types, or can be used separately as a morning gel moisturizer and night cream. For combination skin types, apply the gel cream onto T-zone area (where skin is more oily) and apply nutrient-rich cream to U-zone area (where skin is more dry).